Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Why so shy BBC?

The BBC's current article on the UK political fallout from the Panama data leak/theft is interesting in not just it's relentless anti-Conservative message allied with pro-Labour talking points - that is no more than I would expect from the BBC. What is more interesting is what the BBC ignore. The Mail amongst others manage to report this:

Jeremy Corbyn has been branded 'chaotic' and 'sloppy' after it emerged he failed to include thousands of pounds of income on his tax return.

Aides to the Labour leader have confirmed he was receiving a pension from his time in local government worth thousands of pounds in 2014-15.

Mr Corbyn, who turned 65 in May 2014, was also getting the state pension of around £6,000 a year.

However, neither streams of income appeared on the return he published yesterday.

Asked whether the veteran left-winger had filled out the form wrongly, his spokesman told MailOnline: 'That is between him and HM Revenue & Customs,' 

Why would the BBC decide that every aspect of the tax returns of David Cameron (and other Conservative politicians)  was worthy of examination but ignore this interesting aspect of Jeremy Corbyn's? Is it because the BBC is so biased towards the Labour Party and against the Conservative Party that they have, in many areas, put aside honest news reporting in favour of campaigning for their pet causes?

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