Friday, 22 April 2016

Sadiq Khan shared platform with five Islamic extremists per London Evening Standard

It doesn't matter how much the BBC cover-up for Sadiq Khan, the truth keeps creeping out. Of course by running cover for Sadiq Khan the BBC are doing their best to ensure that he is elected London Mayor in two weeks time. 

Here's something that the pro Labour Party BBC won't be reporting...

'Labour's candidate for Mayor of London took part with an activist who has threatened "fire throughout the world", a supporter of terror group Hamas, a preacher who backs an Islamic state and a Muslim leader accused of advocating attacks on the Royal Navy if it stopped arms being smuggled into Gaza.

Invitations said "all welcome" but made clear that women would be segregated at the door, stating: "Ladies' entrance on Lessingham Avenue next to the snooker club."

Also on the platform was a controversial Surrey vicar and conspiracy theorist who has claimed Israel could have been responsible for the terrorist attack on New York's Twin Towers.

Mr Khan was billed on the list of speakers as Labour's parliamentary candidate for Tooting, despite his insistence that he attended "as a human rights lawyer".'

An unbiased national news broadcaster would cover stories like this but the BBC isn't unbiased.

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