Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's tax return

First we discovered that Jeremy Corbyn submitted his last tax return late, now we learn that it may have been incorrect as well.

'Jeremy Corbyn has been branded 'chaotic' and 'sloppy' after it emerged he failed to include thousands of pounds of income on his tax return.

Aides to the Labour leader have confirmed he was receiving a pension from his time in local government worth thousands of pounds in 2014-15.

Mr Corbyn, who turned 65 in May 2014, was also getting the state pension of around £6,000 a year.

However, neither streams of income appeared on the return he published yesterday.

Asked whether the veteran left-winger had filled out the form wrongly, his spokesman told MailOnline: 'That is between him and HM Revenue & Customs,''

More here but not on the' Vote Labour' BBC.

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