Friday, 31 December 2010

One of the oddest stories of 2010 - An Australian Islamic story

Creeping Sharia has the story:
'The burka and the race-card as Islamist weapons. Update and video courtesy of Vladtepes, Burqa-clad mum Carnita Matthews jailed for six months

A BURQA-CLAD mother of seven who claimed she was the victim of mistaken identity has been jailed for six months for making a false complaint against a police officer.

Magistrate Robert Rabbidge dismissed Carnita Matthews’ allegations that a highway patrol officer was racist after he pulled her over for a Random Breath Test and claims he forcibly tried to remove her face veil as false.

In sentencing her, he described her actions as “both deliberate and malicious” saying he had no option but to sentence her to jail given the seriousness of her allegations, and to send a clear message to the community.

A second woman, also wearing a burqa today who was supporting Matthews in court broke down in tears as she was removed by Corrective Service officers.

Matthews was charged in June after allegedly falsely claiming that a highway patrol officer handled her in an attempt to see her burqa-hidden face during a random breath test.

Little did she know it was all caught on tape:'

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