Thursday, 23 December 2010

Using free speech to attack Christianity

Imagine the furore if a Christian or Jewish group in the UK set-up a website and poster campaign entitled 'Ramadan is Evil'; the BBC would be apoplectic. However thee is not a word when a Muslim group calling itself '' and claiming to be 'Representing the Muslims living in the uk' sets up a website calling Xmas 'the path to hellfire' and including a section headed 'Fruits of Christmas' that runs thus:
'On the 1st day of christmas my true love gave to me an S....T....D.

On the 2nd day debt

On the 3rd rape

On the 4th tennage pregnancy

* Followed by an abortion
* raves
* claiming god has a son
* blasphemy
* exploitation
* promiscuity
* night clubs
* crime
* paedophilia
* paganism
* domestic violence
* homelessness
* alcohol
* drugs...'
There is also a poster campaign

So where's the media fuss? Why are an Islamic group allowed to make such deliberately provocative claims about one of the key dates in the Christian calendar when I am sure any similar campaign aimed at Ramadan or another Islamic festival would be (rightly) attacked from all sides?

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