Tuesday, 21 December 2010

What does the EU really cost us?

Dizzy Thinks has a summary but the item that caught my eye was this:
'from Chris Huhne's Department of Energy and Climate Change... Directive 2009/28/EC, which is about promoting the use of energy from renewable sources (sounds like legally required advertising doesn't it?) which they do know the cost of, and, helpfully the alleged cash terms benefit.

This little treasure will cost £19.85 billion to transpose into law, yes, £19,850,000,000, and the benefit? Well that's going to be £11 billion, which by my simpleton GCSE maths means it's being implemented at a loss of £8.85 billion. Bargain!'
Look around you, can you see any better uses for £8.85 vbillion? In fact let's be reasonable do you really think that the £11 billion of benefits can be justified?

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