Thursday, 30 December 2010

That EU Diary

Further to this post , Jon Worth via Twitter sent me a link to the 'diary'. Oddly I cannot download the diary itself just the verbiage that goes with it, which is what makes The Europa Diary  a fascinating read, full of tip-top EU propaganda and environmental right-on'isms, here's two examples (my comments in italics):

'The benefits of the euro aren’t limited to increased convenience for tourists. Euro area countries now have lower inflation and interest rates, greater stability, increased investment and trade, as well as increased price transparency and competition. This benefits everyone'.
'greater (economic) stability'?

'The UK will receive over €10.6 billion in regional support from the European Union between 2 007 and 2 013.'
But how much will the UK pay into the EU in that same period? Isn't it around £90 billion a year?

Read the whole 'Diary' and then note that:
'How much?'
Free!… We just ask for your feedback in return.

'Published by whom?
The Wise Choices? Europa Diary is published by the European Commission, has been developed in cooperation with Generation Europe Foundation and is distributed in the UK with the help of IAT and GEF UK.'

I would still like sight of the diary pages that are devoid of Christian festivals but not Muslim and others. I have asked for the file... we will see if I get sent one.

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