Saturday, 5 November 2011

Konnie Huq Rule 5 Saturday evening post

The fragrant ex-children's TV presenter Konnie Huq. I can see what Charlie Brooker sees in her but what does she see in him? Maybe woman really do want a man with a good sense of humour (gsoh), Mrs NotaSheep obvioulsy (and thanfully) prefers humour to looks in a man.

I have posted about Ms Huq before and can even forgive her support for the Labour Party, almost...

As I wrote in January 2008:
'It appears that I am not alone in posting about the fragrant Ms Huq. Stumbling and Mumbling has written an excellent piece explaining "the adverse effect she's had upon the British economy." It is his contention that "Anything that makes being out of work more pleasant encourages people to linger on benefits. And the sight of Ms Huq on daytime TV has just this effect. Why bother going out to work when you can stay home and look at her?"'

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