Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Australia worst performer on climate change - report - BBC News

The BBC headline this report thus:

'Australia worst performer on climate change'

Then there's a picture of Sydney under a polluted sky. You have to read the caption to see that the pollution is because of 'raging fires'. Looks as though the BBC's photos are chosen to set the agenda as well as ever.

You have to read on to discover that Australia was the worst performing industrial country in terms of climate change and that the bottom country on the list was in fact Saudi Arabia.

The BBC's hatred of governments that aren't of the right type means that Australia is ripe for attack, how dare Tony Abbott express doubts over the Religion of Climate Change? Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is beyond criticism as the home of Islamism.

As an addendum, how can Saudi Arabia not be classified as an industrialised nation? It's the 19th largest economy in the world and according to the latest figures I could find its economy is split agriculture: 3.2%, industry: 60.4%, services: 36.4%. It's an economy built on a sea of oil, it's not some sort of agrarian paradise.

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andy5759 said...

They just keep on keeping on relentlessly. Calling a horse a cow for long enough convinces enough people that the horse is, indeed a cow. The BBC needs to be reined back to two or three radio stations and just two television channels, the license fee to be abolished. Those who pay for cable or satellite will gain, those who use Freeview will gain, those who wish to pervert our minds will not.

Keep on banging the drum Mr Notasheep.