Friday, 12 December 2014

Hospital face pressures as winter hits - health leaders - BBC News

The BBC once again manage to report on the pressures faced by the NHS, without exploring why demand is rising. 

There's a few lines that hint at rising demand but that's all:

'"While the NHS is used to seeing a spike in demand during winter months, this year emergency departments have experienced a spring, summer and autumn crisis as well, leaving no spare capacity in hospitals as we approach winter."

At the same time, GP surgeries are struggling to cope with unprecedented levels of demand."'

Now why might demand be unprecedented? 

Could one factor be that the massive rise in immigration since 1997 has led to an increase in demand for the NHS's services? 

You might think that, rest assured that the BBC won't even ask that question. For to do so would, in their eyes, be racist.

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