Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Giles Coren disses chocolate

Giles Coren disses chocolate in his latest  Time Out column

'... let's face it, chocolate is pointless, containing mere calories without nutrition, coveted by fat idiots the world over thanks to a centuries-old marketing campaign that has succeeded in linking it, quite randomly, with sex.
... the sugar rush that passes for pleasure in people who are too fat to have actual sex. And after the rush, the body's chemical response: secretion. Chocolate doesn't make you sexy, it makes you obese. 

And it makes all your teeth fall out. And it's time we stopped telling lies about it.'

Hmmmm pass me the 70% cocoa content, single Estate...

1 comment:

andy5759 said...

Bloody idiot, the chemistries of chocolate are well documented. Still, have facts ever stopped a dick head politico spouting lies?