Sunday, 7 December 2014

Israel is built on Arab land

Israel is built on Arab land, Palestine was an Arab country. 

Those are two of  the lines that ignorant anti Semitic bigots use all the time. That they are not true doesn't bother them, so what I'm about to show here will have no effect on them either. 

However facts are important, so here's a photo of a page from a French encyclopedia from between the two World Wars. Can you find Palestine? What's on its flag? Right-hand page, third row,, one from the right... A flag that's split in half vertically: the left half a pale blue, the right half white and in the middle a gold/yellow Mogan David or Star of David - The Jewish symbol...

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andy5759 said...

My uncle was in the Palestine Police. He came from Buckinghamshire, England. Perhaps we started it all. Or maybe it was Ataturk. Oh fuc*k, it's a minefield, literally.