Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Balotelli 'Super Mario' post and the BBC

The BBC's coverage of Mario Balotelli's anti Semitic tweet is striking different from its recent coverage of racist, homophobic and sexist remarks by other football related people.

The BBC's article about Mario Balotelli's tweet is short and lacking in the sort of detail and prominence that they gave the comments of Malky Mackay.

Nowhere in the BBC article does the text of the offending tweet appear although it is in the equivalent article in The Telegraph - "Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli posts image about gaming character Super Mario who 'jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a Jew'"

As we saw with the Nicolas Anelka Quennelle gesture a while back, for the BBC it seems that anti Semitic remarks and gestures are less serious than racist, homophobic or sexist remarks. Maybe the BBC's reflex political correctness also makes it easier for them to criticise a white man for making racist, homophobic or sexist remarks than a black man for making anti Semitic ones.

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andy5759 said...

I pay their wages, if I didn't I would be treated badly. Basta*ds.