Thursday, 11 December 2014

The BBC censoring the words Muslim and Islam even from this report

The BBC report this morning on the results of a study into the extent of Jihadist violence in November 2014. Do read the whole article and note how the word Muslim doesn't appear at all, nor the word Islam. The word Islamic appears only in the context of Islamic State and Mosque only in the context of victims.
Here's how this mealy mouthed piece starts:

'More than 5,000 people worldwide died in November as a result of jihadist violence, a BBC study has revealed.

The four worst-affected countries were Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Syria, accounting for 80% of all deaths.

The investigation - co-ordinated with the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) - recorded a total of 664 attacks in 14 countries.

It aims to quantify the human cost of jihadi violence in one month, and to offer a snapshot of a complex movement.

The investigation showed that nearly seven people died every hour in November as a result of violence attributed to al-Qaeda, its offshoots and groups that subscribe to a similar ideology.'

'a similar ideology'? But what is that ideology? I believe that the subscribers to that ideology would call themselves Muslims and state that they were following the ideology of Islam. The BBC, it would appear, know better.

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