Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ed Miliband fails to count to... 8

The Telegraph reports that Ed Miliband seems incapable of counting to 8.

' Labour leader Ed Miliband failed a challenge to come up with an eight-word election slogan, even after using his fingers.
The slogan the Labour leader chose "a country that works for you, not the privileged few" ran to 10 words, exceeding his budget by a quarter.
Asked for a one-line message to put on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus by Andrew Morley, the chief executive of advertising firm Clear Channel, Mr Miliband responded "how many words do I have?"
Mr Morley told him: "Let's say eight."

The Labour leader said "eight?", then counted on his fingers before deciding: "What I would say is 'a country that works for you, not the privileged few'."'

If this had been a Conservative or UKIP politician then the BBC would be all over this story and the BBC's tame satirists would be revving up their quips. 

However as this is the leader of the Labour Party I confidently predict there will be not a word about this on the Labour Party supporting BBC.

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