Thursday, 25 December 2008

Bloody Victoria Derbyshire again

Christmas morning and Radio 5Live are broadcasting the Best of Victoria Derbyshire, oddly a two hour not a two minute programme. The current segment is an interview/meeting with Ed Milliband which seems to be a vehicle to allow another Labour Cabinet minister to say how honest and real Gordon Brown is and how he should be allowed to get the UK out of the mess he got us into. Ed Milliband is allowed to spout the usual highly selective statistics and avoid answering tough questions, whilst Victoria Derbyshire is as usual too weak an interviewer to try and get him to answer the questions.

However at around 09:46 for a few minutes even the vile VD realises that Ed Milliband is not answering questions about public sector pay rises and election bribes and pushes a bit harder than I would expect her too. Maybe listening to Ed Milliband made even her realise that this Labour government are not all they say they are.

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