Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Lest we forget - Tony Blair

In case we start to think that Tony Blair wasn't too bad a Prime Minister when compared with the walking disaster that is Gordon Brown and in case we get nostalgic, here's an extract from Matthew Parris's March 2006 thoughts on the then Prime Minister:

"I believe Tony Blair is an out-and-out rascal, terminally untrustworthy and close to being unhinged. I said from the start that there was something wrong in his head, and each passing year convinces me more strongly that this man is a pathological confidence-trickster. To the extent that he even believes what he says, he is delusional. To the extent that he does not, he is an actor whose first invention — himself — has been his only interesting role."

What a choice, Blair or Brown?

Do read the rest of Matthew Parris's 2006 article, it's good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

And Parris was also the one who wrote an excellent article about "Why I love Blair's Britain". It was after Blair had introduced civil partnerships, so Parris may have been glowing in a personal way.

Anyway, before long, possibly when the glow started to wear thin, he removed the article. I haven't been able to find it since.

Wish I'd saved it.

Parris is a decent writer, but when it comes to political nous, BLAIR wins hands down.

In 100 years they'll be learning about Blair (for good or ill, who knows).