Sunday, 21 December 2008

Labour government "loan sharks"?

The BBC report that:
"Emergency state loans given to the poorest people in the UK could cease to be interest free, under changes being considered by ministers.

The social fund currently extends £500m a year in interest-free loans to some 1.2 million benefit claimants.

But the government says in future some loans could be run by credit unions, who it says typically charge annual rates ranging from 12.68% to 26.8%. "
If this had been suggested by the last Conservative government or more recently by a Conservative think-tank then the full fury of the BBC and its left-wing friends would have been turned on the proposers of such a vile policy. However this is a policy being considered by the BBC's friends and so before opponents of the scheme are allowed a voice, the Labour/BBC alliance are allowed their unbiased say
"The BBC's political correspondent Jo Coburn said the reforms were designed to ensure that interest-free loans were not offered to people who did not really need them. "

Only after the government line has been explained in full are Chris Grayling and Vince Cable allowed a couple of sentences each to have their say, right at the end of the piece.

Once again the BBC's position on a proposed policy issue is determined not by the nature of the policy but by which political party is proposing the policy.

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