Thursday, 25 December 2008

Britain's own giant Ponzi scheme

City Unslicker thinks he has spotted a Ponzi scheme operating in the UK and it's bigger than Bernard Maddoff's $50 billion one. Here are two extracts, do go and real the whole article though:
"2. To continue this con, the leader, known only as 'Mr Brown' decided to get some of the subjects onside. He invited them into a special club, known as the 'public sector' where pensions would be gold plated and they would be rewarded simply for encouraging membership the Scheme. Tomorrow's children would pay for today's rewards, an exact copy of the great original Ponzi ideology. To keep all in order, Mr Brown exponentially added to the numbers of these 'public servants.'


...but this is not over. Mr Brown is still at large and it is feared the last part of his scheme may still be to come. Allegedly, Brown is unhappy that some money still remains outside of the scheme. He plans a final assault on the Pound Sterling. This paper currency has been in circulation for hundreds of years and is an unsuspecting victim of the Scheme. Interest rates will again be dropped, a 'run on the pound' will lead to hyper-inflation and the remaining money outside of The Scheme will have become worthless. Everything and everyone will be subservient to Mr Brown."
Cynical? Maybe but there is more than a grain of truth to the developing meme of Gordon Brown's lust for controlling everything.

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