Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Do the Conservatives even want to win the next general election?

I would understand it if the Conservatives did not to win any upcoming general election as the economy will be at or near rock bottom and an incoming government would have to take the kind of unpopular decisions that Margaret Thatcher made but that David Cameron might not feel he wants to. However this Country needs to get rid of this corrupt and inept Labour Government so the Conservatives must win for the sake of the UK.

In the years running up to 1997 the Tony Blair lead Labour shadow cabinet focussed on winning the coming general election to the exclusion of almost anything else. I don't feel that intensity coming from David Cameron and his team. If that kind of intensity was being generated then I wouldn't mind if William Hague, Francis Mause etc. had second jobs or not; but it isn't, so I do.

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