Monday, 18 November 2013

ANOTHER epic Israel-boycott failure as BDS groups use Israeli tech to build websites | Trending Central

Britain’s Zionist Federation has today highlighted the latest example of a failure of Israel boycotters (BDS campaigners) to hold to their principles as it transpires that various anti-Israel groups have been building their own websites with Israeli-developed technology.

The website of the Cornell University branch of ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ explains that the group’s campaigns include boycotting skincare products, soft drink manufacturers, and even hummus, while the ‘Palestinian Holocaust Museum’ website actively attempts to smear the Jewish state with claims of a “Palestinian Holocaust”.

The only problem is… both websites were built on the Israeli web-platform “Wix”.

The revelation comes hot on the heels of the viral news story of a student at Oxford University, who pointed out his classmate’s hypocrisy in using an Apple product, which contains parts developed by an Israeli tech-firm, while plastering his Macbook with anti-Israel propaganda.

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