Friday, 1 November 2013

Well airport security can be trying

The rigmarole at British airports of removing your laptop and/or tablet from your carry-on bag, but not your pda (why the distinction? when does a pda become a tablet? 4", 5", 7", 9"?), then removing your coat or jacket but not always a cardigan or windcheater, removing your belt and sometimes your shoes can be rather trying.

Putting everything back into place whilst not holding up the queue too much is also extremely irritating but we'll leave that for the moment.

Many is the time that I've joked to Mrs NotaSheep and other nearby passengers that before long they'll require us to all strip completely before going through the magic arch. Well according to the Daily Mail two passengers at Manchester Airport tried to just that. Apparently:
'Hadfield-Hyde told the court that security guard Abdullah Mayet had indicated that she should take off all her clothes before passing through the scanner. She said: ‘He was pointing at me saying, “Off”. I said to him, “Do you mean just my jacket?”, but he was saying, “Off, off, all off”.’

I think I see the problem, I've also experienced the occasional security guard whose grasp of English is somewhat shaky and whose attitude is rude and dismissive. Indeed Mrs NotaSheep almost got into a serious row with one such security guard at a London airport when they put her carry-on bag to one side for manual checking but then just left it there for almost half  an hour rather than check it. That security guard seemed to be of a similar racial background to the guard in this instance, as Mrs NotaSheep says, some of these people just don't know how to deal with modern women.

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