Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The BBC choose what to report and what not to report, seemingly to help their Labour Party allies

This BBC report on yesterday's OFGEM chief's comments to the Energy and Climate Change Committee is very detailed about one part of Andrew Wright's remarks:
The energy regulator Ofgem has launched a scathing attack on the record and profits of the big gas and electricity suppliers.

Andrew Wright, the acting chief executive of Ofgem, said there was a "deep distrust of anything the energy companies do or say".
But that BBC report manages not report at all something that Sky News do manage to report:
He also warned that Labour's proposed energy price freeze "puts at risk the proper functioning of the industry"
Labour, which has pledged to introduce a regulator with greater teeth, came under fire from Mr Wright over its plan for a 20-month freeze to bills if it wins the 2015 general election.

Energy companies had previously warned such an intervention risked crucial investment in the country's energy infrastructure.

Following Ofgem's report on Monday analysing 2012 energy firm profits, industry body Energy UK argued the figures did not take into account the provision for securing energy supplies for the future.

Npower owner RWE confirmed on Tuesday that significant cost pressures had forced it to pull out of the massive £4bn Atlantic Array windfarm project.
So why are the BBC not reporting the full story? Can anyone persuade me that it's not just because they want to help their Labour allies along? 

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Since you ask, no.