Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor

I was out last night and so missed the 50th anniversary special. Don't worry, I've Sky+ it in HD and will be sitting down to watch it before lunch. So no spoilers please...

In the meantime here's the rather spiffy 'all the Doctors' image that the BBC have released.


It's good to see Paul McGann take his place in the pantheon...

So how does John Hurt's iteration as The Doctor fit (or is there another explanation for his Doctor)? Also if Time Lords are allowed just 12 regenerations (13 'lives'), is the end coming soon for the Doctor, or will a fix be found? I know there have been exceptions found before to this limit, for more (much, much more) on this topic and others relating to Time Lords, try this Wikipedia page - warning GEEK alert!


Craig said...

No spoilers, except to say it was a great episode - and that you'll love the ending.

If you check that photo of all the Docs again though, take a look again at Who's standing between Paul McGann and Christopher Ecclestone.

Not a sheep said...

That's bizarre as I looked and I swear I didn't see him there. I presume it's some sort of "timey wimey" thing!

Watched it yesterday and will watch it again before reviewing it. On first watching, it was a little emotionally OTT.