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The Day of the Doctor - As live blogging, albeit a few days later on a second watch - One for the Doctor Who obsessives only!

Nice retro titles - very original series
76 Totter's Lane and the Coal Hill School with I. Chesterton as Chairman of the Governors - lovely nod back to the original series
Shouldn't the Doctor be able to escape from a winch?
Why does Matt Smith keep leaving the Tardis doors open, previous Doctors were very careful to always shut that door.
Love Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewwart's granddaughter's choice of scarf, very Fourth Doctor.
Why are the Time Lords fighting massive Dalek spacecraft with hand held weapons, do they not have anything more powerful?
If the Daleks are strafing Gallifrey why are Daleks also on the ground, that is very poor air/ground force cooperation.
What is a 'sky trench'?
The Omega Arsenal in the Time Vaults? Sounds portentous.
'The Moment' is gone, 'The Galaxy Eater' with a 'sentinent operating system', so more intelligent than Windows 8...
Billie Piper with a similar performance to  Idris/Suranne Jones
"Stuck between a girl and a box, story of your life"
If "every moment in time and space is burning" during the 'Time Wars', how come nobody elsewhere in the Universe is ever aware of the Time Wars or their effects?
Windows on The Doctor's future, a little Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future?
The Doctor was appointed 'Curator of the Under Gallery' by Queen Elizabeth 1, that explains her comment in The Shakespeare Code
Stacey/Joanna Page is Queen Elizabeth, was the Queen Welsh? Impressive decolletage nonetheless.
A 'machine that goes ding', how Monty Python - Meaning of Life
The Doctor should not kiss the ladies, or men (Captain Jack included)
Nice scene with the rabbit, most amusing - David Tennant does light and shade very well.
Small penis gag between the Doctors, "compensating.. regeneration is a lottery"
"Reverse the polarity"...
"Timey wimey" good to take the piss out of that phrase
The Black Archive and Men In Black brain wiping technology
Captain Jack's Vortex manipulator, sqweee. But an anti-American film dig.
Nice human to zygon transformation scene
And messages between periods of history was clever
I like the Sonic Screwdriver subroutine cleverness and the way it's shown to be over the top by Clara.
The man who regrets and the man who forgets - nice...
Not the old copies need to keep the originlas alive routine... how original and convenient
So the zygns home planet burnt in the first days of the Time Wars so they need a new plant but if "every moment in time and space is burning" during the Time Wars, how come they escaped and how come Earth wasn't similarly affected?
I see the Doctor's mobile number is still 07700 900461, just as in 
Kissing in the future...
Back To The Future name checked (Are they trying to link to as many other SciFi programmes as possible?)
"You've let this place go a bit" - 10th Doctor's (David Tennant) control room
"The round things" return, how 1970s and 1980s
And back to the 11th Doctor's (Matt Smith) Doctor
A Doctor Who pinboard - From left to right - Tegan, Nyssa, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Kamelion
A bit of Timey Wimey within the programme
All three Doctors in the slice of time 'picture' but that's not what happened...!
Nice 10th and 11th Doctor synchronisation
Why aren't the three Doctors memories wiped by that device?
More on the pinboard - Susan and various others from First and Second Doctor that I don't recognise straight off... I started with Third Doctor.
Love the big red button... Rather flower like
Two iterations of the same Tardis in the same place and time, surely that would rip a hole in the fabric of time and space... Although this is Gallifrey  so if it's possible anywhere it would be there
The warrior, the hero and ... a doctor
"Never give up, never give in" - Bizarrely on Sunday I heard that as Galaxy Quest's "Never give up, never surrender" I was wrong...
Clever crossfire idea, how original
Frozen in time, spotted that a while back as a concept.
How did John Hurt's Doctor get back to his Tardis so quickly?
Quick spot of John Hurt's Doctor, need to see more...
Time Lords frozen in a single moment, so they could come back in the future?
All the Doctors including 13 - Peter Capaldi's eyes
The latest Doctor is in charge of the rest at the end, was that the same in The Five Doctors? I sense a re-watch.
When the 13 Tardis's surround Gallifrey, where are the Dalek spacecraft? Not a sign of them? If they were there, couldn't the Tardis's have been hit. They have to be there for the crossfire plan to work...
Inside of National Gallery has very Tardis like hexagonal roundels on the wall.
Is John Hurt now part of the history of The Doctors? If so is a re-numbering of Eccleston, Tennant, Smith and Capaldi in order?
John Hurt's almost last words "Wearing a bit thin" wasn't that  also William Hartnell's?
Nice ears gag bearing in mind who he regenerates into, Christopher Eccleston
That last shot of the regeneration, does it have an Eccleston'ish right eye or is that my imagination?
"I don't want to go" the last words of David Tennant as he goes into his Tardis and also the last words before he regenerated into Matt Smith. "He always says that" Nice line...
Just realised that there were three iterations of the same Doctor and three iterations of the same Tardis in the national Gallery and nothing happened, is The National Gallery actually Gallifrey?
Old man looking for you, "The Curator"... "I could be a Curator.. I could retire and do that"...
"You know, I really think you might" and there is Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, older but still magnificent, certainly an 'old favourite' of mine
No offer of jelly babies
"Oh you have a lot to do"... Looking for Gallifrey
"WHO knows" Doctor Who knows?!
Matt Smith's end of episode voiceovers are rather good, I love his voice.
"I have a new destination... I know where I'm going, where I've always been going, home - the long way round" and a great line-up of Doctors, including John Hurt.

First Doctor/William Hartnell by himself and then alternating inwards from left to right:
L1: Second Doctor/Patrick Troughton
R1: Third Doctor/Jon Pertwee
L2: Fourth Doctor/Tom Baker
R2: Fifth Doctor/Peter Davison
L3: Sixth Doctor/Colin Baker
R3: Seventh Doctor/Sylvester McCoy
L4: Eighth Doctor/Paul McGann
R4: Ninth Doctor/Christopher Eccleston
L5: ? Doctor/John Hurt
R5: Tenth Doctor/David Tennant
Centre: Eleventh Doctor/Matt Smith

But that's not correct anymore, John Hurt was a regeneration between the Eighth and Ninth Doctor, so that makes: 
L4: Eighth Doctor/Paul McGann
R4: Tenth Doctor/Christopher Eccleston
L5: Ninth Doctor/John Hurt
R5: Eleventh Doctor/David Tennant
Centre: Twelfth Doctor/Matt Smith

And that presents a whole new issue as Time Lords are meant to only have 11 regenerations which means they are all used up, so how does the Twelfth Doctor/Matt Smith  regenerate into the Thirteenth Doctor/Peter Capaldi? I suppose we'll find out at Christmas... This War Doctor idea just doesn't wash, John Hurt is not Paul McGann nor is he Christopher Eccleston - I demand a proper explanation!

The Credits show "The Doctor" in reverse order with John Hurt between Christopher Eccleston and Paul McGann, so... Am I obsessing a bit much?

The credits also show Billie Piper as 'Rose', surely she was The Moment's operating system projecting as a conscience?

No mention of The Curator in the credits.

All the Doctor's faces in turn, as in the credits.... Yes I know I should get a life! Or 12! Or 13!

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