Thursday, 4 December 2014

Urdu translator helped people pass driving theory tests by giving the correct answers per Birmingham Mail

'An Urdu translator has been jailed for helping prospective HGV and bus drivers cheat their way through theory tests.

An investigation into interpreter Muhammed Saeed, from Ralph Road in Alum Rock, revealed he helped candidates pass by agreeing a code when he gave them the correct answers.'

One thought, have the people who paid to cheat on their driving test had to retake them?

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andy5759 said...

I recall something about Indian doctors and such like paying professional exam sitters. The thinking that the students have taken the course and paid for it, so why should they be subjected to something as arbitrary as an exam? It would be interesting to see, in this case, how many of the "passers" are doing a good job. Not that I condone their behaviour, just that if you can have an edge in life, use it. We do. Having said that, all of the passers ought to be re-examined, if only to reassure the rest of us.