Saturday, 30 August 2008

And they want to run a National ID Register

The Telegraph reports that
"Thousands of Cambridgeshire residents have had their nationality changed to Guyanese, after a computer glitch at their local council.

Around 3,000 people were sent documents to say they had been listed as originally from Guyana, in South America, on the electoral roll.

The mistake, which happened as the files were being updated, affected people whose nationality had previously been listed as "unknown" on the records.

When new computer software was brought in to help modernise the system, it refused to acknowledge the word "unknown" and automatically changed it to "Guyanese"."
And yet this most discredited Government still think they can implement a National Identity Register, the words piss-up in a brewery come to mind. Most governments, whether national or local, are incompetent - it's just the degree of incompetence that needs deciding.

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John M Ward said...

Many years ago, the Home Office payroll system was updated and the immediate result was chaos, from some lowly clerks being paid small fortune to senior staff getting just a few pence.

Of course, after sorting it out (which took several months) the bod responsible was "moved to another Department". Then as now they aren't sacked for just about anything they do and did.

I had family in the Home Office at the time, reporting just what was going on...