Friday, 22 August 2008

Hamid Karzai made an attempt to empathise with Gordon Brown

The Rosa Prince Telegraph blog reports that "Hamid Karzai made an attempt to empathise with Gordon Brown" on Brown's latest trip to Afghanistan to see the troops that he has failed to adequately equip. Apparently:
"As Brown dodged yet another question about Miliband with his stock response - "I'm getting on with the job." - Mr Karzai clearly decided the PM needed a little help.

"Cabinet ministers plotting is nothing new," he declared airily. "We have it in Afghanistan."

There was a squawk from an appalled-looking Afghan politician sitting beside the platform, and the president hastily added to laughter: "Not my foreign minister, though."

Brown turned a shade greener than he had when we finally got off that lurching Herc an hour earlier."

Gordon Brown discomforted, good, it should happen more and more until he realises quite how much he is hated by that part of the UK population that works and pays taxes (and is not employed in a public sector sinecure).

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