Thursday, 28 August 2008

The BBC's ever continuing campaign for Barack Obama

Yet again the morning's leading items on the BBC news website are related to Barack Obama's coronation. This time the lead story is
"Bill Clinton vows to back Obama -
Bill Clinton resoundingly endorses Barack Obama who is formally nominated by US Democrats as their presidential candidate."
The following stories are:
"Obama makes appearance
Clinton: Obama is man for job
Running mate shows his mettle
Key excerpts: Joe Biden
Diary: Laughs aplenty
In pictures: Democrats in Denver"
The adulation, nay LOVE, of the BBC towards to Barack Obama comes shining through.

The Toady programme did manage to mention that Barack Obama and John McCain were neck and neck in the opinion polls, news that was meant to provoke a "but how" from listeners spoon-fed a diet of pro-Obama stories ever since he took over from Hillary Clinton as the BBC's anointed one.

I am readying myself for reading similarly positive daily headlines and almost uniformly fawning articles about John McCain and the Republican party next week. I am also looking forward to reading glowing reports of the nominating of John McCain by ex-Republican Presidents, some of whom may not be renowned philanderers, liars and or abandoners of drowning women.

Does anyone seriously believe that the tone of the BBC's coverage will be as positive? Of course not; any disagreements amongst Republican delegates will be talked up, John McCain's links with the BBC's great hate figure George Bush will be explained, the usual sneering at a Republican politician will be evident and the "race card" may well be played.

The BBC like most of the US media is in the bag for Obama, they are not reporting the election they are campaigning for Barack Obama.

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