Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The BBC's continuing campaigning for Barack Obama

Further to this yesterday, I note that the BBC headlines are still centred around the Democratic convention.

"Clinton urges party to back Obama - Hillary Clinton calls on the Democrats to back her former rival Barack Obama for president, at the party's convention in Denver."
I think the BBC are nervous about the reports that many Hillary Clinton supporting Democrats are going to vote McCain in 2008 so as to give Hillary another chance in 2012.

"Clinton on 'fight for the future'
Key excerpts: Hillary Clinton
'Hero' Clinton plays killer scene
Diary: Time for red meat
In pictures: Denver convention
'No evidence' of threat to Obam"

Do remember these headlines and the amount of coverage. Take screen dumps of the news headlines because the contrast with the coverage of McCain's choice of running mate and the Republican convention will be stark. The BBC consider Democratic party intrigue and gossip to be more newsworthy than the annexation of territory in Europe by Russia. A story of a snail farting on the Isle of Wight would knock McCain off of the top story. Also expect much coverage of sceptical Democrats and non-McCain supporting Republicans during the Republican convention, in contrast with the almost wall to wall approval Obama is credited with.

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robh said...

I always knew the BBC had a strong left/liberal bias. However, its only been the last couple of weeks I have witnessed for my self the BBC's blatant and overwhelming not to mention insulting bias toward Obama.

I kid you not, every single day this weeks so far (and this is Friday) they have had Obama as their main news feature. I have actually been looking for someone to complain to directly atthe BBC but cannot find anyone.

The BBC is today an organisation that doesnt and will not adhere to their prime directive which was to report the news 'for the people' without a trace of bias. Therefor, since it is a state funded organisation and it is clearly corrupt from top to bottom its high time the British public were given a choice to either keep the brainwashing organisation or disband it with immediate effect. I for one would have this corrupt organisation disbanded completely.