Monday, 25 August 2008

The Police State

"I'm just doing my job, sir." Now where have I heard that phrase before?

Further to my recent blogging about the Police and PCSOs taking a dislike to photography in public places, I thought this piece of video as seen at Samizdata needed spreading.

The UK is being turned into a totalitarian state by this old-fashioned authoritarian-left government. The police are increasingly there to control the generally law-abiding whilst letting the "scrotes" do as they please. We the taxpayers must fight back, but how?

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PC Plastic Fuzz said...

To be fair, we didn't see the circumstances that lead up to the point of being detained for a search. All that we saw was the officer telling the detainee that he was being stopped for a search under terrorism law. And then the bloke being a bid awkward asking to see the second officers ID, when the first had already shown his ID. He was happy the first officer was real but then challenged the second officer. Did he think the real police officer would allow a fake one to conduct a search right under his nose? It's a bit cheeky and just purposefully being awkward, wouldn't you say.
If they happened to stop and search a terrorist and save lives because of this stop search, would this video be on this blog?

Unless we get to see the circumstances of the intervention, then it would be wrong to base our judgements on the video, and indeed the state of the police in modern Briton.

One silly PCSO and a video of a PC performing a search and not the circs leading up to it doesn't say anything about anything I'm afraid. Other than there is the odd think PCSO (and he was very odd) and that PCs are conducting stop and search under terror law on the underground, where terrorist attacks are most likely.