Friday, 2 December 2011

Alastair Campbell

I did not comment on Alastair Campbell's 'performance' at the Leveson enquiry as I was not sure that amount of swear words should ever be used in one article. Guido Fawkes has found a Facebook comment from the former News of the World political editor Ian Kirby that I think bears repeating:

“Is astonished. I never knew there were two Alastair Campbells. The one I know told me Peter Mandelson was insane, but insisted I used it anonymously, persuaded Tony Blair to change the law in response to News of the World campaigns, spent years trying to befriend the Daily Mail and invented the claim that Sir John Major wore his shirt tucked in his underpants. He also encouraged me and Andy Coulson to ask Tony Blair if he and Cherie were in the Mile High Club to make a good headline. I’m worried that AC has been kidnapped and no-one noticed.”
Why does anyone believe a word Alastair Campbell says?

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