Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sexism and ageism in The Telegraph

Yesterday's Telegraph included an article about Duran Duran's video to promote their latest single 'Girl Panic', and more specifically the fact that it had been banned by two music channels for being too raunchy. The aforementioned video features some of the original supermodels portraying the members of the band. The line that caught my eye was this one:
'Though most of the women are mothers in their 40s, the video was still considered too raunchy'
Savour the casual ageism in that line, why can't women in their 40s be raunchy?

Purely for research purposes I have watched the video and yes it is rather raunchy and what's wrong with that? But then why shouldn't women in their 40s be raunchy? In any case Yasmin Le Bon, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen are hardly your average 40 something woman and mother are they?

I am no expert but I think that's  Eva Herzigova portraying Nick Rhodes, Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor, definitely Naomi Campbell playing the front man Simon Le Bon, Cindy Crawford as John Taylor and Yasmin Le Bon as the fill-in guitarist.

Too raunchy for TV I think not. Women in the prime of life being too raunchy for young music channel execs...

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