Wednesday, 21 December 2011

And bang goes my support...

I was reading The Standard's piece about the latest piece of Argentinian sabre rattling over the Falklands. I have covered the Falklands before on this blog and it is clear where my loyalties lie, so this article was successfully winding me up and then I read the last quotation from the president of the Falklands Chamber of Commerce, Roger Spink, apparently he told the BBC 'if we were Palestine, the European Union would be up in arms."

Now maybe Roger Spink was trying to appeal to the BBC's hatred of Israel, a hatred that trumps their 'anti-colonial' support for Argentina's claim on the Falklands, if that is the case then I could almost excuse his remark. However I doubt that was the reason and so although I will continue to support the rights of the Falkland islanders to stay British, it will be with a degree of reluctance whilst Roger Fink (deliberate misspelling) holds any position of influence in those islands.


andy5759 said...

Spink was making a comparison, he was highlighting the absurdity of the neglect of the Falklands in British media and amongst British politicians. I don't think he was particularly stating a pro-Palestine stance, or an anti-Israel one either. BTW; I am in accord with this blog's position on Israel and the Falklands.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I read that the same as andy5759.