Wednesday, 7 December 2011

'Political correctness gone mad'

In the UK Carole King's new album is called A Christmas Carole - a pretty obvious pun and one that I cannot believe she and her record company have avoided for so long. In the USA however the album has been named, apparently for reasons of political correctness, A Holiday Carole

How ridiculous is that, carols were written to celebrate Christmas not for the 'holidays'. Christmas is a Christian festival, in the same way that Diwali is a Hindu one. I am not offended by anyone wishing anyone else a Happy Christmas or a Happy Diwali, even though I am neither Christian or Hindu. Likewise I know of no Jew who would be offended by seeing an album called A Christmas Carole in their local record store. Who do the US record company think would be offended? Can I guess?


Anonymous said...

No one would be offended. How ridiculous.

Tom Mills said...

In the USA "holidays" are taken as meaning holy days.
What we call holidays are known as vacations in the States.
I still don't like it.