Friday, 9 December 2011

Like minds?

For quite a while I have wondered why David Cameron spent quite so much energy appealing the lefty types that dominate the UK media, especially those at the BBC and Guardian collective, when they will never vote for him or do anything other than seek the destruction of him and his party. I am not alone in wondering this as this article with David Starkey in The Spectator shows:
' ‘What he [David Cameron] has been doing with Steve Hilton is totally and absolutely misconceived,’ he says...  The idea of prioritising foreign aid, being nice to minorities, hugging homosexuals to death — of whom I am one — always strikes me as fundamentally daft,’ he says. ‘A) these are not terribly popular causes and b) these are trying to appeal to the Guardianista class. The Guardianista class will never in a thousand million years vote for him. It’s an absurd strategy and no one with an understanding of British politics would actually do it.’

No, he says, Cameron should seduce the working classes and, if he were really bold, he’d junk Scotland. ‘It would fuck the left completely. There would never be a Labour government again.’'
Is David Cameron so stupid that he doesn't see the truth in this? Or is he not really a Conservative at all?


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Good question, and one I have been asking myself ever since he was appointed leader of the Conservative Party.