Monday, 26 December 2011

This might explain the 'atmosphere' at Casa NotaSheep

Sainsbury's have marked the festive season by producing a list of the most fart-making vegetables. In first place the Jerusalem artichoke, a delicious tuberous vegeatble that neither comes from Jerusalem nor is an artichoke. I love these roasted but have been banned from eating them for some years now as the effect they have on me is quite incredible. However this year Mrs NotaSheep has relented and they are on the Boxing Day menu! In second place comes my favourite regularly eaten root vegetable, the parsnip, this was on our Christmas Day menu. In third place came the predictable Brussels sprout which we also partook of on Christmas Day. Fourth place was taken by the cabbage which we forgot to serve but there is a dish of red cabbage still waiting for us. In fifth place came the cauliflower which I never eat, except raw.

So yesterday we had the vegeatbles that came second and third in the list and the effects were mild. Today we will be consuming those that came first, second, third and fourth; a scary prospect... I fear the spare bedroom may see some use tonight!

NB: Must make sure all candles are extinguished before dinner!

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