Friday, 16 December 2011

The BBC - not every power source is held to the same standards

Prior to the today I had stopped listening to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme as I found it bad for my blood pressure and temper in the morning. Unfortunately I left my car tuned to Radio 4 last night and when I got in this morning it was at the start of a piece about the Cadarache nuclear fusion research centre in Provence, something that I thought might be interesting. The language used (by Evan Davis?) in this report was so biased that I turned off after under a minute. First the project was described as a 'huge gamble' and then we were told that it would be many decades before we knew if this power source was 'economically viable'. Those two statements in isolation would be just about acceptable but ask yourself when the BBC last questioned whether the building of wind farms (especially offshore ones) was 'economically viable', without the huge subsidies they currently receive? Likewise when did the BBC last question whether these wind farms were a practical proposition when they fail to produce power all year round and often fail to do so when it is most needed, thus necessitating the building of other more reliable power producing plants in any case? 

I think a return to my previous policy re the Today programme may be in order...

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