Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How the UK is being changed per Alex on Biased BBC

A comment on Biased BBC caught my eye...
'Alex December 30, 2015 at 12:08 am

The real problem beneath all of this whole big swindle is of course the Cultural Marxists, who are after one thing and one thing only: a new anti-western communist state. 

And, they'll do anything to achieve this and see the west's capitalist/corporate /market-driven demise. 

So, they lie, they brainwash through propaganda in our schools and universities and the media and they undermine western countries' heritage and traditional values and institutions. 

Free speech is banned and anyone who speaks out is branded racist. 

Make no mistake; our country and our ways of life are being intentionally attacked by both communists and Islamist excrement. 

Anyone who has been at university in the last twenty years will confirm how bad this cultural Marxist brainwashing is; capitalism is bad and must be replaced with diversity and inclusion; it's classic textbook socialism/communism and is being played out before our very eyes. 

Traditional values such as Christianity must be weakened and replaced by islam etc and unfettered immigration. 

I've seen this far-left ideological agenda, and have had to write papers on it and the the most frightening thing is that our young impressionable, angry and confused youth are buying it; they're being taught what to think instead of how to think – they're being conditioned into thinking that equality of opportunity is bad, but equality of outcome is good and so on and should be aggressively pursued through politics etc. 

The far left are using the youth as a mobilising force for their vile ideological revolution. 

The BBC is also under the control of far-left extremist Marxists, hence the constant propaganda. 

I say it again; if one wants to measure how far the Marxists have infiltrated our country's institutions, then attend a few university lectures. It's very, very worrying.'

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