Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Long-Hidden Details Reveal Cruelty of 1972 Munich Attackers per

'Among the most jarring details are these: The Israeli Olympic team members were beaten and, in at least one case, castrated.

"What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him," Ms. Romano said of her husband, Yossef. Her voice rose.

"Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up?" she continued, speaking in Hebrew through a translator. "They watched this."'
But not on the BBC where such matters are as nothing compared to trying to get another Conservative party scalp. 

Post Script:
The Mahmoud Abbas and Yaser Arafat links:

Abu Daoud was allowed safe passage through Israel in 1996 so he could attend a PLO meeting convened in the Gaza Strip for the purpose of rescinding an article in its charter that called for Israel's eradication.[11] In his autobiography, From Jerusalem to Munich, first published in France in 1999, and later in a written interview with Sports Illustrated,[77] Abu Daoud wrote that funds for Munich were provided by Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the PLO since 11 November 2004 and President of the Palestinian National Authority since 15 January 2005.[78]
Though he claims he didn't know what the money was being spent for, longtime Fatah official Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, was responsible for the financing of the Munich attack.[79]
Abu Daoud believes that if the Israelis knew that Mahmoud Abbas was the financier of the operation, the 1993 Oslo Accords would not have been achieved, during which Mahmoud Abbas was seen in photo ops at the White House.[77]
Abu Daoud, who lived with his wife on a pension provided by the Palestinian Authority, said that "the Munich operation had the endorsement of Arafat," although Arafat was not involved in conceiving or implementing the attack." In his autobiography, Abu Daoud writes that Arafat saw the team off on the mission with the words "God protect you."[80]

Those links make it 100% certain that the BBC will ignore this story as they can't allow anything that is critical of their beloved Palestinians to see the light of day.

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