Thursday, 17 December 2015

Evan Davis interviews Ann Coulter on presidential candidate Donald Trump

This interview does show how the BBC obsess over certain topics in order to gloss over others. The most puerile was Evan Davis's attempt to question Donald Trump's comments about the prettiness of his daughter. 

However it was this comment that I thought summed up BBC/left-wing group think:
"He continues to flourish in the polls notwithstanding his controversial proposal that foreign Muslims..."
It seems that the BBC don't understand, or maybe can't accept, that Donald Trump might actually be flourishing in the polls because a large number of Americans like what he's saying on immigration.
The BBC/left-wing hive view is that immigration is good because diversity is good and because the West needs to pay a price for colonialism and the Crusades and invading poor countries. If immigration is good then to criticise it is racist and any means of countering that racism is fine.

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