Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Jeremy Corbyn hero-worships murderous thugs like Hoxha because he's a cowardly wimp per Telegraph

John McTernan is apparently not a huge fan of Jeremy Corbyn:
'That's the problem. It isn't adult behaviour to describe a vicious dictator like Hoxha – a man who immiserated and brutalised his country – as a "tough ruler". But it is revealing. It is adolescent. And that is the key to why Corbyn praises men of violence. He is a classic wimp who worships the viciousness of which he is personally utterly incapable.

Chavez, Castro, Mao, the Provisional IRA, Hamas and Hizbollah – all have their place in the Corbynite pantheon of politics. At first it appeared that this was mere misjudgement. An ultra-Left leader who use to hang out exclusively with people who shared his politics and his hero worship. One who newly elected to the post of Leader of one of the world's great Left of centre parties mistakenly kept praising his old idols. Surely Corbyn didn't intend to remind people that he was from such an extreme Left political formation. It turns out it wasn't a mistake – it was who he is.'

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