Thursday, 3 December 2015

Global Warming, look at the data

What's that graph? Well it shows the changes in temperature data between 2009 and 2014, not the change in temperature but the changes in the raw GISS temperature data.

'In the graph... the blue dots are the differences in hundredths of a degree C for the same months between GISS data as of May 2014 versus GISS data as of August 2009. GISS provides data as an integer representing hundredths of a degree C. The blue (1880-1909) and red (1910-2005) lines show the slope of the adjustments for the corresponding periods. Hundredths of a degree per year equal degrees per century. The slopes of the GISS adjustments are…
  • 1880-1909 -0.520 C degree per century
  • 1910-2005 +0.190 C degree per century'
In plain language, over the last five years the temperature data for the last 125 years has been adjusted down by an average of 0.52 degrees Celsius per century for the period 1880-1909 and up by 0.19 degrees Celsius per century for the period 1910-2005. I am sure that there is a perfectly innocent explanation for this but I can't think of one.

There's more, much more, about this at  Watts Up With That, including this:
'In 7 years (December 2005 to December 2012), the rate of temperature rise for 1910-2005 has been adjusted up from +0.6 to +0.8 degree per century, an increase of approximately 30%.'

I recommend that   and have a good read of that linked article as from their recent tweets to me they desperately need a reality check.

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