Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hilary and Hillary, the BBC are ready to campaign for both

Even the BBC realise that Jeremy Corbyn has been promoted above his level of competence, is he indeed the Peter Principle personified? So they are pushing the credentials of Hilary Benn as a possible replacement. Of course the Benn name has always been dear to the hearts of the pro left Labour BBC and as they couldn't get Tony they'll make do with his son,  Benn Jnr. 

That Hilary is no more than adequate is of no importance, but then when your political allies are currently being lead by such as Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell I suppose adequate seems more than... well adequate.

The BBC boosting of Hilary Benn can be seen here.  The BBC's boosting of Hillary Clinton is all over the place.

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Poj said...

The anti-EU, anti-war father would be so proud of his pro-EU, pro-war son, cashing in on the family name. Sickening.