Friday, 11 December 2015

World military leaders slam @Amnesty, praise IDF

'Israel fought "an exemplary campaign" during the Gaza conflict last year, an independent group of prominent military personnel and a former United Nations war crimes prosecutor has concluded.

A report by the High Level Military Group (HLMG), made up of 11 former military and intelligence leaders from five continents, said Israel operated "within the parameters of the Law of Armed Conflict" and had even "in some respects exceeded the highest standards we set for our own nations' militaries,"

The group unanimously agreed that Israel's military response was reasonable.

"Israel's efforts were entirely justified, appropriately conceived and lawfully carried out, and necessary in the defence of that country's national security."

The study was compiled this summer during six fact-finding and research trips.

The former officers, who held important positions in the US, UK, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Indian, Australian and Colombian defence forces, said they had enjoyed a level of access to military information which was "undoubtedly in excess of what our own countries would afford in similar circumstances."'
There's more detail here but of course not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

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