Friday, 4 December 2015

Oldham named as 'election fraud' hotspot per Manchester Evening News

From 2014, don't say we weren't warned.
'Oldham was today named by voting watchdogs as one of 16 council areas 'at risk' of election fraud.
The Electoral Commission called for all voters to be required to show photographic proof of their identity at polling stations.

In a new report to combat 'ballot and vote-rigging', the influential commission called for rules and security to be tightened at polling stations and surrounding postal voting to restore trust in the electoral system.'
More here but not at the BBC where Labour victories are more important than democracy. 

It's not just postal voting and disproportionate sized constituencies, the whole electoral system is badly flawed. The British population is no longer, if it ever was, largely constituted of English gentlemen who would never cheat. We need more checks on voters eligibility. I'd also like a move to only taxpayers or former taxpayers having the vote, but I realise that's not going to happen...

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