Friday, 4 December 2015

What a strange comment in the BBC's reporting on the Oldham West by election.

' UKIP blames the postal vote and the number of Asian voters who use it. But that's the system the party is up against.'
Can you imagine the BBC's horror if a party other than their Labour Party benefitted from an electoral system 'quirk'?  

The BBC went almost apoplectic during the last parliament when boundary changes to make voting fairer were proposed and were triumphant when the Lib Dems broke an agreement and voted them down. The failure to move to newer fairer constituency boundaries was meant to be the key factor in Britain electing a majority Labour government and the BBC were joyous at the prospect.
Unfortunately, for the BBC, not the country, despite the unchanged constituency boundaries penalising the Conservative party, the Conservatives still won the general election in May.

So here the BBC acknowledge a polling issue but as it works for the Labour Party and against the hated UKIP, the comment is 'that's the system the party is up against.'
Democracy is less important than working for a Labour government?

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