Friday, 21 November 2008

Ah now I see why Labour have begun to sound tough on immigration

The Labour government who spent 10 years encouraging legal immigration and not working to minimise illegal immigration whilst shutting down any discussion of the matter by crying "racism" have over the last year or so started to talk tough on immigration. Don't worry they haven't seen the error of their ways, it is all about what matters second of all to Labour - votes. The people most adversely affected by their lax immigration policy are the lower working class who have lost out on jobs to the incomers and of course those who dislike their town resembling Ludhiana rather than Lancashire. These people, not Conservatives, are the people who are most likely to vote BNP at the next election. LabourHome have helpfully produced heat maps that show the areas where the BNP seem to have the most members and you can see how that might affect Labour in the next election. Of course if Labour had allowed Migration Watch and Michael Howard the air to debate immigration between 2001 and 2006 maybe they wouldn't be facing this leakage of votes.

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