Friday, 28 November 2008

The Damian Green arrest

Phil Woolas was on the Today programme defending the Labour government line that the government were not aware that Damian Green had been arrested. I am sorry but I do not believe it, I cannot see the Metropolitan police arresting an opposition minister on a charge resulting from an investigation launched on the instructions of the government without giving some feedback to the Home Office or Justice department at the least. Apparently the police called the Speaker, the Serjeant At Arms, David Cameron and Boris Johnson but not anyone in the government; does anyone believe that? This affair stinks to high heaven and the truth will come out eventually.

Maybe the "out" is that the government are denying knowing that the arrest had happened but not that they knew in advance that it was going to happen. With this Labour government always try and listen to what they have not said as well as what they have said, there is always "wriggle room".

Meanwhile has there been any investigation of who has been leaking information to Robert Peston and other Labour supporting BBC "journalists"? Does anyone think there ever will be?

I am not generally a believer in conspiracy theories, preferring to believe in the cock-up theory of politics; however there is something not right about the way the UK is being governed by this Labour government. I am genuinely scared that something distinctly unpleasant is about to unfold in the UK and we may be closer to the suspension of democracy than ever before.

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defender said...

Its like doing a jigsaw puzzle. as you put the pieces together at some point you get to realise what it is. some people still dont see it even when the last fucking piece is fitted.
I have been scared for some time, mostly thinking it was me going physcotic or someone was fucking with my blow.
Thank fuck I am not on my own.