Saturday, 22 November 2008

Do we have the ability to govern ourselves any more?

This time not an article about the EU and their power over us but about the news that
"Human rights laws have prevented Britain deporting 19 terror suspects in the last three years, the Home Secretary was forced to admit."
"Jacqui Smith told MPs that proceedings were commenced to remove the suspects on "national security grounds" but were later discontinued.

The cases were dropped because of fears they were not compatible with the UK's international obligations - including the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

It is another embarrassment for the Government, which has suffered a series of human rights defeats surrounding extremists and foreign criminals.

A further 11 cases are going through the system and in a twelfth the Special Immigration Appeals Commission upheld an appeal against deportation, she said.

In figures in a Commons written answer, Ms Smith said: "Since 2005, there have been 19 cases where deportation action on national security grounds was commenced, but was later discontinued because it was concluded that it would not be possible to demonstrate that removal would be in conformity with the UK's international obligations, including out obligations under Article 3 ECHR.

"These cases are kept under review."

Article 3 of the Convention is the prohibition on torture, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.

Ms Smith continued: "There are currently 11 cases where we are seeking to deport individuals on grounds of national security because of their suspected involvement in terrorism.

"These are at various stages in the appeals process.

"In a twelfth case, the appeal against the decision to deport was allowed by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission as it was not satisfied that the case for deportation on national security grounds had been made out." "
These individuals appear to be people all convicted of terrorist offences who Gordon Brown promised would be deported but have not been. I presume Gordon Brown will be making a statement on this matter and that the BBC will be asking some serious questions... Of course Gordon Brown will do no such thing as he has an economy to ruin and an election to finesse. The BBC, for its part, will continue to support Gordon Brown in all that he does and of course to support the Human Rights Act and to imply that these "terrorists" who the BBC will call "militants" whilst suggesting that they are victims of American and British imperialism.

The result of this inaction is that more and more Islamic terrorists will continue to live and indeed move to live in the UK with no fear of being deported, and these terrorists will be able to plan their attacks in Britain or abroad. So people will die or be horribly mutilated all because this Labour government thinks that the "human rights" of terrorists are worth more than the human rights of innocent Britains; well done Tony & Cherie Blair and the rest of the lawyers that infested the Labour party when it came to power, and indeed still do.

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